Monday, January 10, 2011

oh my gosh

this week..
i have so many team task..
such as on my physics, Chemical and Aqidah Akhlak..
well, it's sound not too bad right?

but, at the aqidah akhlak task, in the last day..
my friend didn't finish his job well, exactly i want to kill him *evil laugh

gosh, i want to kill him right now! =.=a


  1. Enjoy your task, dear. One day you will miss those things a lot ;)

    Much love,
    Ms. Dinie.

  2. yeah..
    but my friend *that have a much self confidence..* said that he can do the task by himself.. ==a
    but Sunday night he said he can't do the task..
    i am frustrated miss.. T.T
    but i have been done one of the task...
    hurray :D