Sunday, January 9, 2011


i just think it is a freaky blog..
why do i said something bad like that..

of course, look at the blogs name..
it said 'thestupidAliens', right??

who want to use that freak name..?
yes, i am..

okay, let me introduce my self...
i am Azu Higakari *okay, that's actually  not my real name
just call me Azu..

on June i will be 16 y.o

exactly, i don't know what do i do create this blog..

but i love to writing and sharing my life experience..

i'd like to talking in English, Indonesian, Malay and Javanese..
so, talk in that languages..

i'm a newbie on blogging..
so, please help me to growing this blog..

thanks for visiting my blog..
ja~ nee :D



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