Thursday, March 10, 2011

have no idea for writing on this blog!

it been several week that i haven't wrote anything on this blog..
well, i get my self playing whole day on plurk
but who care..??
plurk, twitter, facebook and kaskus were made for make the net-addict happy right??

haha, i give a full thousand thanks for the programer for the social networking..
i love you full hahahahahaaa *a la mbah surip :hammer

oh yeah.. exactly today..
i saw one of seven my hamster were die..
the other hamster were eat it.. :crying
yeah, well, i hate to say this, but this hamster were the cutest hamster that i have..!
the fur was shining, and the fur is dark grey..

btw, i have seven hamster (exactly now is six)
they are on the campbell groupe..
my daddy bought it for me, at the ramadhan month..(thanks to my lovely dad)

hey, my mom called me for have dinner now..
it is my first post on march..
and bye!! >-<o


  1. ihh...other hamster eat it? damn...canibalism :D

  2. let's play and dont forget send to me your dinner menu :D,..

  3. @sky : gegege.. it been 5 hamster was ate by this 'canibal' hammy..
    that was so make me crazy and suck DX