Saturday, March 19, 2011

My School >w<;

okay every body, so long i haven't post a new post.. :geez
cause my computer was broken.. i don't know why but it has fixed by it'self..

so, i want to tell you 'bout my school..
i'm on Senior High School, but some people usually call it College :CMIIW
i'm on 10th grade..
i just new on this SHS..
i got new friend

so, let me introduce them..

Selly : she is my best friend in my class
Della : she loves korean especially Tae Min
Ika : she is the clever student in my class and she is so cute
July : so rumpi *mulaideh XD
Nurma : love Bollywod movie, anything 'bout Bollywood la =.=a
Rani : exactly cute, but he love to make up her self =.=
Nia : though every leader is a man,. talk to her, she is the leader of my class
Danella : Cute little one, love talking in the crowded
Gladis : so actractive, cute, when she singing her face was so funny :lol
Kiki : called CiKu (exactly it's an abbreviation for her FB account)
Ridwan : called Bustomi, i don't know why. but both of my conversation teachers call him so..
Fafa : half of girl on my class said that this boy were cute and handsome, unfortunately, they said this boy were crazy and must meet his doctor
Ahmed : so influence in Arabic but not in English..
Aqsho : almost all of my teacher call him Kaplele, whereas, his last nim was Kaplale not Kaplele
Zaki : has a short name for the tall name.. the tallest boy on my class... the shorter name on my class..
Ariana : has the 1st rank on my class, smartest one
Kanjeng : our homeroom

okay..i can't introduce all of myclassmate..
but i will tell a story
two days ago..
at the last class on Wednesday, it is physics class that teach by our homeroom, Kanjeng..
at that time.. Kanjeng was go to teacher upgrading *kalo di Indonesia tuh penataran, mbah gugel yang translate* on Jakarta..
it been few day that she doesn't attend to the school...
so, because XB was a "creative" student..
we, talking about anything..
starting from the new mate, CiKu and Bustomi.. *ahiy*, an Bollywood movie last night *it started from Nurma*, and Fafa that being fool because of the other boy that releasing his shoes and spraying water to his face..

and he act like Sule *don't you know??*
setting the live miserably face.. look so funny..
then he look like have no soul.. just standing and seeing to the outer class from window...
all of the class was laughing so loud..
me too, of course..
unfortunately i'm not brought my own digital camera
i just want to take a picture, so i can post to the blog :(

haha, that's it....

our crazy activity on my class,.. well crazy oof course..
i though why, we put together in a class,...
no one in my class that calm.... *actually it's not our style*
no one teacher that said our class are good..
they said "hey you, why don't you quite for a while" or "i want to quit from this class, i'm dizzi now!" or sometimes they said "every XB generation was crazy, it start from 2 years ago, your senior XB generation was noisy at all " and set an annoyed face..

okay, that's it my class.
when i have time to writting 'bout my class, i will do so..




  1. wahhh, rame yaaaa kelas kamu..

    SMA oh SMA...

    salam kenal ya, happy blogging. :D visit my silly blog juga dong, and leave a comment there. hehe. :)

  2. @mba sri : iya iya :D
    sebenernya baru nulis dikit sih...

    oke mba.. menuju tekape :D